Aveneesh Mathur
Who am I?

Striving to Be In Control

I am a leader: I approach everything as though I was born to be in charge. Confident, assertive, and decisive, I know what I want and I go after it. I also look out for family, friends, and community—I feel I know what’s best for them—and have no fear of confronting anyone who challenges my ideas. Taking the driver’s seat, I also generously donate time and energy to people and neighborhood projects.

What to watch out for: When I feel threatened, or others refuse to go along with my agenda, I can become confrontational and domineering, sometimes to the point of being dictatorial.

Looking ahead: I discover my purpose when I take control of my environment. For me, finding a decision-making role is key. That could mean anything from producing a play to spearheading a global campaign for something I care about. In work, I am suited for leadership positions in education, government, industry, finance, religious institutions, or politics. But I can find satisfaction anytime I am given the autonomy to do things my own way.
Roaming Outside the Box
I'm never satisfied with the current trends and fads flying around the web. Creativity, I believe will never progress unless we climb outside the confining box of simplemindedness.


  • Software Development - 10 Years
  • App Development - 6 Years
  • Website Development - 12 Years
  • Graphics Designing - 10 Years


Software Robotics Hardware & Electrical Engineering Networks General
Java Robot Design & Implementation Hardware Design Computer & Mobile Networking Android & IPhone Programming
C++ Robot Operating System VHDL Wireless Networks HTML 5
C Artificial Intelligence MIPS Wireless Mesh & Sensor Networks CSS
Python Machine Learning ASM (Machine) Network Security PHP
Design & Testing Robot Programming Electical & Telecom Network Protocols SQL, MYSQL, etc.
C# Sensor Programming Analogue Networks Wordpress
Objective-C Computer Architecture Joomla
Promela Operating Systems Adobe Suites
Maple Unix
MATLAB Microsoft Office


Current Work

  • Averoft


    Averoft is an A-size Digital solution company that provides professional (tailored & on-demand) services related to digital designing, development and online marketing of Websites, Apps, and Software in USA, UK, Australia, Brazil and India. Averoft has the motto “Fast and Affordable with High Quality. Averoft is set to make a change.

  • An innovative robot to monitor & save the vanishing TIGERS!!

    Robot Following a Tiger

    For any queries related to this project Contact me at: tigerproject@aveneeshmathur.com



Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more information about my work.
Contact Email : contact@aveneeshmathur.com

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